As the world evolves, so does technology. Years back, single people were flocking social dating sites to hook up with potential partners. Over time, the sites have now been phased out by the more reliable and efficient mobile dating apps. There are many dating apps designed specifically to suit a given group of people. One of the most exciting and popular dating app today is the Bumble, an app where only women are allowed to ignite a match with men and not the vice versa. Using the Bumble dating app comes with a series of benefits, some of which are unique to it while others are general benefits.

Benefits of Using Bumble

As a female-centered app, Bubble has given women a platform to take charge of their dating life. Unlike in some other dating apps where women are exposed to sexist comments, Bumble gives women the choice of who to talk and interact with. For this reason, the app has received an overwhelming reception from female users, reaching over one million users within a short period.In Bumble, just like in other dating apps, one can create connections by matching with friends and then with friends to those friends; it’s more like a chain. Before starting a conversation with people on the apps, a user has the privilege of first going through their details and confirming if they fit his/her liking. It is only after liking them that the user initiates a conversation. Therefore, no message can be sent to a user without his consent.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has contributed a lot in the dating industry despite her young age. To this end, she has masterminded two dating apps, Tinder and Bumble. She has been the CEO of Bumble since it was launched in 2014,Whitney was born in Utah and later studied international studies at the Southern Methodist University. She spent many years doing social work in Asia before returning to the United States.


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