Whitney Wolfe is the dating app mogul that has started to turn a lot of heads. People that may not even been interested in utilizing a dating app are now aware of who Whitney Wolfe is. She has become a high-profile tech mogul because she is connected to a company that now has a billion dollar valuation.

No one would have guessed that Whitney Wolfe would have taking this type of connection when it comes to dating apps, but she appears to have become a leader in the dating app industry. One of the big reasons that she has become a leader has more to do with her strong ability to transition from one area to the next. It is not just dating that she has incorporated into her app. With Bumble it appears that Whitney Wolfe is gravitating towards the networking arena as well. She has even hired executives that know about networking. This allows her to branch into other areas where she can compete with apps like LinkedIn.

Bumble Bizz is the other aspect of Bumble that presents people with this possibility to engage in social networking. Whitney Wolfe is experiencing some groundbreaking innovation when it comes to her app technology because she is willing to go further than the rest. There are few app developers that started with the dating app and transitioned into other areas of social media. This is always risky because people tend to associate one app with one thing. Whitney Wolfe was different. She did not want to let herself get boxed into one area. Whitney Wolfe wanted to have the ability to evolve her company in the way that she chose to. She did not want others to dictate what she was going to do with Bumble. That is why she has become a leader and not a follower in the social app circle.

It is true that Whitney Wolfe has borrowed a couple of elements from other apps in order to gain users, but she has shown that she is someone that knows exactly what she wants. She knew that she did not want to have an app that looked like what everyone else was doing.

Whitney Wolfe is that person that knows how to build an app that people will appreciate. It is evident that she has these skills because she was the co-founder of Tinder before she started Bumble.

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