Bumble has been the result of the creative minds of Whitney Wolfe and a few others. However, when looking at the developmental process of the innovative dating and social network app, they are going to find some unique aspects in the development of the app.

Whitney Wolfe herself has talked about some of the steps she has taken in order to build something that is going to change the world of online dating forever. She is also willing to talk about it to anyone that asks about it. People can gain insight on the processes that go into developing apps that leave a huge impact on the markets.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe talks about is working in an environment without developers. One thing that she has compared this to is building a road. She talks about getting the materials for creating something from someone quicker in order to make things easier. After all, one thing that business thrives on is convenience and ease. People are not likely to say that they want to find a complicated way to do things. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has looked into ways to make things more efficient for both the provider and the consumer.

When asked if she wishes she worked where there were developers, Whitney Wolfe attributes the success of her app to working in an environment without developers. For one thing, developers could make things a little more complicated than they need to be. CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe herself had the desire to streamline and simplify the process to many different aspects of life. Her philosophy is that if it is not necessary, then it is not recommended. One of the reasons that she is such a success is that she has decided that she is not going to play the game and run towards tradition.

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