Wal-mart has all kinds of Beneful dog food products. Why do they have so many? The answer is really quite clear. Dogs love the delicious taste of Beneful’s products made with real ingredients. Not sure what dog food product is right for your dog? Not to worry, the abundance of products Beneful has to offer will help you discern what is right for your dog. Each package will break down the ingredients, recommendations, and volume in which the food is being provided. Each product is appropriately, even competitively priced. For example, a regular bag of Beneful dry dog food is about $14. The price may vary depending on current specials, sales and coupon usage. Coupons are available for print in a variety of places online and can even be found at walmart.com for easy access. Discounts from coupons will also vary as different prints are put out at different times.

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