Now that Fabletics is competing for one of the top fashion retailer spots on the Internet, it is important that people understand what the brand does differently from other brands. Their difference is what has made them so popular so it is a good idea for people to have an understanding of the differences that have changed them and made them the best they can be. For Fabletics to get to the point where they’re at, they had to be set apart from other companies no matter what they were working on or the type of clothing they had to offer for all their customers.


Something that Fabletics did that was different from other retailers was make sure they were only online. While they now have flagship stores around the world, they started out as a company that was exclusively online. By doing this, they were making themselves something that people could only get in one setting. They have never been sold in other stores and customers must purchase Fabletics clothes directly from the store if they want a chance to wear them and get the best deal. They have made a funnel for themselves that customers are required to go down.


In addition, customers have to take the style quiz. When they take this quiz, they were able to put down all their preferences. Fabletics used this to find clothes that were perfect for the customers. Since the clothes would be perfect, they would only have to show a few of the outfits. Customers who only see a few outfits will have an easier time making a decision and will not turn away from the options they have. Customers will then want to shop. If they purchase clothes that are perfect for them, there will be a lower chance that they won’t return the clothes after they have purchased.


When Fabletics first started, Kate Hudson got in on the deal. She saw what the company was doing and wanted to be a part of it. As a brand ambassador, she is using her position to help people understand more about Fabletics. Even though it is now a household name for many people, Fabletics is still helping others get what they need from the options they have. She wants to show them what they can do to get to the point where she is at with Fabletics and the clothes she has to wear.

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