Upwork Global Inc., a freelance platform and marketplace, connects businesses and independent professionals worldwide. Formerly known as Elance-oDesk; Upwork provides an easy way to begin your career, communicate with employers, gain experience, and get paid. The california-based company has a wide variety of job opportunities such as writing, graphic design, and web development. However, because the platform is filled with fresh-faced workers willing to work for less pay, you may earn less than expected.

The first step in earning money through upwork is creating your profile, this acts as a resúme. Your profile should be honest, include your skills, level of expertise, and explain your job type. If found under qualified your account may be placed on hold or closed. A background description and photograph are also required. Other aspects your profile can include are education, location, pay rate, and links to portfolios or work samples. Assuming your profile is accurate and verifiable it should be approved within 24 hours.

The second step is connecting with employers through the platforms internal token system; connect. A free profile allows 60 connects per month. Though limiting it also helps employers and workers collaborate for their specific needs and talents. A connect includes a brief introduction and a letter to answer any questions the employer may have, it may also include relevant work samples. Employers can also offer jobs, in which case no connects are necessary. It is recommended, to receive job offers, to have samples of your best work on your profile. After a contract is completed, to discourage scammers and hold all parties involved accountable, both employer and employee rate each other. This rating is displayed on your profile, it is recommended to keep all interaction on the website.

Finally the individual must set a price, get work, and get paid. You do not have to accept a job offering too low of pay or can negotiate if the employer is willing to do so. Upwork documents milestones and has hourly protection programs in place in case of disputes between clients such as failure or refusal to pay. Methods of receiving pay include PayPal, direct transfer, and traditional banking. The first $500 earned comes with a 20% service charge after, until $10,000 is earned, the service charge drops to 10%, and turn to just 5% after making $10,000.

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