U.S. Money Reserve President, Mr. Philip N. Diehl, has been named the new chairman of the ICTA at the association’s Board meeting recently.

Diehl, who is also the ex-Director of the U.S. Mint, worked as vice chair of ICTA Board of Directors before he was named chair of the body. The ICTA is the “supervisory body” for paper money, rare coins, and precious metals communities. They also maintain a satisfactory regulatory climate all over the 50 states and offer a medium through which members may consult, confer, and cooperate with each other as well as educate governmental agencies or other organizations to achieve solutions to difficulties affecting their dealings.

Diehl is also credited with directing and achieving the most determined legislative effort ICTA had undertaken at a state level. That project involved restructuring a 2013 Minnesota statute, and this process imposed arbitrary regulatory burdens on numismatic and bullion dealers and customers. Applying his experience in Washington as well as being a former state regulator, he designed and executed the ICTA’s legislative and communications policies. In the end, both Diehl and ICTA effectively had their bill passed by the MN legislature which Mark Dayton, the governor, signed into law in mid-May 2016.

As the present chairman, Philip Diehl’s objectives are to concentrate on increasing the ICTA’s value to its associates, growing ICTA’s membership financial resources and base, and improving cooperation and communication amongst major industry organizations.

“I am truly honored to serve the institution in this capacity,” said Diehl. “I am excited about all our strategic initiatives as well as the opportunity to boost the ICTA as the leading body for regulatory and numismatic legislative affairs.”

Diehl is currently considered one of the greatest accomplished U.S. Mint Directors that ever lived. And as leader of one of the globe’s largest private distributors of both U.S. in addition to foreign government-issued silver, gold, and platinum legal tender items; he is generally considered a trustworthy and credible source for the growing precious metals industry.

Founded in late 2001, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the fastest growing organizations and has developed into one of the globe’s largest private distributors of both U.S. along with foreign government-issued silver, gold, and platinum legal tender. A considerable number of consumers all over the country depend on U.S. Money Reserve so they may diversify all their assets using physical precious metals, mainly in the form of gold and silver coins.

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