Every person that visits Nepa Valley does so with the intention of drinking wine and visiting the vineyards. The area is known for the production of great wine around the world because its soil suits the growth of grapes. There is more than meets the eye in this valley, and many people love the drinking adventure.

Nepa Art walk is composed of creative minds such as the 3-D art work and sculptures of different kind, which is always exhibited annually. Nepa Valley grows olive. Olive mills around Nepa are a good site for viewing the production of oils and kinds of vinegar. The olive mill host is capable of providing you with necessary information on oil preparation. The Nepa Valley Historical Society an interesting part that a tourist needs to visit. It will give an insight of what the valley looked like several years ago. These individuals also store the old pieces of arts. Silverado Cooking School is an exciting place to visit. You can attend this school to polish your cooking and culinary skills. Chef Malcolm de Sieyes is well prepared and ready to take you through the process.

Auberge Spa is the right place to relax and unwind in Nepa Valley. Therapeutic baths and massages are some of the privileges that a guest will experience at this spa. The guest also gets to do other activities like a hot-air balloon, yoga, biking, and painting. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is a site worth exploring. The ideal climate will enable you to view the blue sky, mountains, tree lines, and hills. The scenery is beautiful, better than the wine tasting spree.

An Overview of Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard was purchased and restructured by Richard Libby in 2010, but it was founded in 2001. Traveling Vineyard is a wine guide company based in the United States. It has over 5,000 wine guides, and it provides wine education materials. The kit comes with a guide on how different kinds of foods should be paired. On the first tasting, a client is provided with tasting glasses and ten bottles of wine. The wine tasting is usually done in-home. The Wine guides are tasked with the role of ensuring that they help host with event organization.

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