Making it in business in no small fete. Successive business people are some of the most hardworking people around the globe. Reason being, starting and managing a business requires knowledge, wisdom, and determination to succeed. According to the, it also clear that to be successful in the line of business you do not have to follow what others are doing. You can opt to follow your own original means. For Todd Lubar, this is exactly what happened. Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University majoring in speech communication. These are skills that he would later need in life to become the businessman he is today. Todd has pushed through his life and become the person he is today, the president of TDL Global Ventures. Through this company, Todd Lubar is the head of prominent market professionals and a huge number of clients who are pleased by his work.

After graduating from college, Todd’s first job was to work at the Crestar Mortage Corporation where he worked between 1995 and 1999. He then moved to another firm, Legacy Financial Group located in Arlington, Texas. While working for their Maryland office, Todd Lubar oversaw generation of hundreds of millions of loan volume. He stayed at Legacy Group up to 2005 when he joined left to join another firm, Charter Funding (One of Magnus Financial Corp’s divisions) as the senior vice president. Todd has good skills in mortgage banking which is one reason that has seen him succeed in big corporations. However, apart from this skill, he the owner of a few other companies. Some are in the nightclub industry, demolition industry, recycling and real estate industries. Current he is focused on helping people through his TDL Global Ventures as the president. So, what really got Todd Lubar into whom he is today?

Todd Lubar attributes his success first to the over 20 years’ experience he has had to work in finance and credit related departments. However, he says that his biggest inspiration is drawn from the need to help people achieve their ambitious dreams. He narrates that one of the most efficient way of helping people reach their goals is by first ensuring that they have access to financial support through loans. This is what every person needs today.


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