Thor Halvorssen is a name that is growing in popularity among the media news outlets of the world for his forthright and entertaining manner that brings a sense of importance some of the most difficult subjects people are facing around the world.

The work of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation he created in 2004 often takes his employees into dangerous areas of the world and sets them apart from the majority working in the U.S. based human rights activism community; Thor Halvorssen now leaves the handling of human rights issues in the U.S. to major charities who place more than half of their time and effort into these problems.

Thor Halvorssen believes the world needs to focus its attention on the individual problems facing those in countries where tyrants and dictators are are keeping their citizens oppressed in ways that Halvorssen wishes to fight. The major issues Thor Halvorssen wishes to fight after discussed in his TEDTalks discussions and at the Oslo Freedom Forum where activists from around the world meet with major donors who can change their approach to activism overnight.

The Human Rights Foundation has itself benefited from donations received from executives at major technology companies, such as Google and PayPal.

Thor Halvorssen does not limit himself to simply fighting the causes he looks to aid without bringing news of the problems facing the world to the majority of the public, instead, Halvorssen has decided to make sure the people of the world are given a view of human rights abuses using celebrity figures and new media options.

Halvorssen has written open letters to major celebrities, such as Nicki Minaj in a bid to raise awareness for her fans of the governments she is representing when she visits countries run by oppressive officials.

The political view of Thor Halvorssen has seen him describe himself as a classic liberal who would like to bring more news of the activism world to the followers of his writing and public appearances. Thor also made the U.S. public aware of the view a human rights activist has of the 2016 Presidential election and the problems candidates tend to have with their links to human rights abusers.

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