Since the USHEALTH Group first started, they have been doing what they can to provide the necessary insurance to people who are unable to get traditional health insurance from their employers. Many of the people that USHEALTH Group serves are those who work for themselves or who own small businesses. Because the USHEALTH Group is different from other insurance companies, they are confident they have the best plans available at different levels of coverage. They have worked hard to provide these people with the insurance they need no matter their ability to pay for it out of their paychecks. They can even work with small businesses to ensure people are going to get the best coverage as employees of each of the small businesses. The USHEALTH Group hopes to continue their tradition of excellence for many years despite major changes to the health insurance laws in the United States of America.

For small businesses, the USHEALTH Group provides them with the insurance they need as employers. They want to show them they can offer their employees the best health insurance even if they only have a few employees. The USHEALTH Group is actually able to compete with other, larger health insurance companies because they know the right way to create value for all of their customers. They have maintained this level of customer service for the small businesses because they know the struggles that can come from being a small business in an industry that is difficult to deal with.

In addition to the group health insurance plans they have for small businesses, they are also dedicated to helping individuals who are self-employed. They know people who are working for themselves often have enough to deal with and don’t want them to have to focus on how they are going to get the healthcare they need. The coverage they had for individuals became even more popular when the ACA was put into place. More individuals than ever are looking for insurance coverage so they don’t have to worry about the high fines that can come from not having the coverage required by the act.

Even though the ACA worked out for many people, some insurance companies took a hit. The USHEALTH Group was not one of those companies. In fact, they have actually benefitted from the ACA. Since they were in place to help small businesses from the beginning, they were prepared to help each of the small businesses when they came to them looking for coverage. The USHEALTH Group insurance company was prepared for everything they would need to do to give small businesses the ability to give their employees the health coverage that would protect them from illness and injury. Learn more:


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