The co-founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe Herd, for Tinder since the time it was launched it has become synonymous in the hooking up. In 2014, she went ahead to start the Bumble an app that she came up with on her own that had more of the feminist twist. In the app what triggered the women to make the first move was when two heterosexual were matched at the app. Three years later and now the company user rate has increased to become 20 million users. The app has created the needed fame to themselves to contend with an app like and the reports that have been carried over the years have shown in the app the cases of the abuse and harassment are low when compared with competitors. With that Whitney , is building an empire that will soon rule people phones.

In 2016 there was the Bumble BFF that was hatched by Bumble, an offshoot that was set in helping with the creating the platonic friendship. Last year, it was the first time that it brought the women credo in a way that was professional networking that led to the launch of Bumble Bizz. That was a new place in the app that will use the perks of online dating left and right swipe, the matches in the same geo-targeted areas and it will bring them on the career sphere. At Bumble, they believe that people will be happy according to how the current relationship is going. The main thing that Whitney Wolfe is concerned with that through her app she will be able to empower women that will not have to deal with sexual harassments.

The reason why she came up with Bumble was to change the way women and men interacted with each other, an app that was concerned about those people that were looking for a heterosexual relationship and give them a space that they could communicate without having to deal with abuses. Whitney Wolfe got married to Michael Herd in a venue hat both had not been before Villa Tre Ville on September 2017. A wedding that was breathtaking to everyone that attended. Whitney Wolfe gained admission at the Southern Methodist University where she participated at the international studies. Her business skill started while still in school and that it was what has helped her in her marketing experience because at the age of 1 she was selling the tote bamboo bags.

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