Charlamagne tha God just discussed his second book in an interview with Bill Rhoden. The book which goes by the title, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me”. The book highlights the vulnerable part of Tha God, a radio host. Charlamagne is well known for provocative oratory. In his book, he talks about the struggles he has gone through including post-traumatic stress and anxiety and the reasons why he decided to seek help. The title of the book is a shoutout to Mobb Deep song “Shook Ones”. The song talks about not being a shook or soft. Charlamagne claims that he is the shook one. He argues that most of the things he has done were because he was scared. Most of his fears were irrational due to the fights he has taken part in as well as racism and being attacked.

“Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” which is the next part of the song is a salute to “Mind Playing Tricks on Me”, a song by Geto Boys. According to Charlamagne, the song is all about anxiety. In one chapter of the book, he talks about being a paranoid black person in America, something that has brought so much anxiety in his life. It was at the age of 39 that he decided to seek therapy. Charlamagne tha God says that it is faith and therapy that make him reconcile with his past, fears, including the issues he has ignored or suppressed. He says that he has sold crack in South Carolina to a woman. He feels indirectly responsible because the daughter of the woman had to drop out of school to take care of her mother.

He also mentioned during the interview about the #MeToo movement. He states that he knew such a moment would come when men and women will mend up their relationships. He says that he is all for women. He has two daughters with another one on the way, and all he can wish for is a better world for women. He also says in the interview that he is doing his best to forget as well as learn from his past mistakes.

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