Deirdre Baggot gives keynote speeches on the topic of healthcare’s medical billing. She frequently emphasizes her speeches on bundled payment systems. With so many diagnoses, diseases, medicines and surgical procedures, patients can easily get swarmed with medical bills. This system of billing is ineffective, frustrating and is one of the projects Deirdre Baggot is working to replace.

Bundled payments allow for a patient to get a single bill that covers all medical expenses. This type of billing is favorable amongst chronically ill patients. As a healthcare executive, Deirdre Baggot has made it her mission to ease the complexity and frustration of medical billing for patients.

She got her start in healthcare immediately after college. She went to nursing school at Southern Illinois University. She then went after her master’s degree for business administration. Lastly, she finished her education with a doctorate degree in philosophy. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at Crunchbase.

She began working in healthcare in 1997. She worked as a nurse for a Chicago hospital. After six years of working as a nurse for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she furthered her career with a move to Ann Arbor, Michigan. For the University of Michigan Health System, she analyzed business development and was an administrative manager. Her hard work never went unnoticed. She was awarded for her outstanding leadership in the safety category. She also was awarded a certificate by Lean/Six Sigma.

When she moved to Colorado, she began working for the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. The institute was a subsidiary of SCL Health. For this institute she was responsible for a team of around four hundred and fifty people. She also managed business development, marketing, contracting and acquisitions for the heart institute. The institute grew in numbers thanks to the additional eleven clinics she added to the roster.

She is a leader in her field. She dominates this male-dominated sector of healthcare with her ambition to change the way medical billing is done. Her passion for aiding those in need of help with affordable healthcare has been a passionate subject for her throughout her life. Her work with Learn more:




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