Across seventeen diverse countries there are sixty five OSI Group facilities that produce, manufacture and ship food products to their food business partners. The main office is ran out of Aurora, Illinois. This company’s roots run deep in Illinois. About a century ago, this is where the groundwork began for what would someday launch a huge company that ships a large percentage of the food consumed by earth’s inhabitants. Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to Chicago from Germany. After arriving in America, he needed to establish a way to support his family. So, he opened a meat market. It served the local community of immigrants. It stood as a reminder of the American dream and how people could enhance their lives by living in the United States.

Decades later when the meat market had passed down to a younger generation, the company became Otto & Sons. In 1955, the sons of the founder turned their father’s meat business into the number one supplier of McDonald’s meats. Decades later the company began opening plants and facilities to better meet the needs of their partners demands. In 1978, OSI Group became an overseas company with expansions in Europe. The following years blossomed the company into parts of Latin America.OSI Group was able to expand its successful business, increase many partnerships, add more products and become a huge influencer on the way restaurants and facilities get their food due to the company’s organization and customer service.

The same morals and principles that began OSI Group have taken the company to where it is today. They still deliver a reliable and tasty beef product.OSI Group may have started out with just beef as its most coveted product. But now the company includes poultry and non meat products in their lineup. Their goal is to meet the growing needs of various demographics. Consistency and quality is still apart of their process of creating foods that can last during the process of transportation. Asian expansion is next for the company. They will be delivering their trademark tasty meat and non meat products to a new continent very soon.

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