Osteoarthritis is a type of degenerative joint disease. As we begin to age, our bones begin to lose the cartilage between them. Pain, swelling, and stiffness occur as a result of these bones touching. Although doctors cannot say what specifically causes this disease, there are numerous certain health risk factors. Your age, being overweight, familial history, and prior injuries all contribute to the heightened risk of this disease taking over one’s life. Currently, there is not a known cure, but there are several ways to cope and have a better quality of life without pain.

Osteo Relief Institute

Exercising is the main way to combat osteoarthritis. It builds muscles around the joints. Walking, bicycling, and water sports are also effective exercises. Running, jumping, golf swinging, or tennis are not approved activities. These sports only promote the repetitive movement of the joints, which is not desirable. There are various medications that your doctor can prescribe to help alleviate the pain. A physical therapist can also be an excellent resource.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a facility that provides individualized care to the patients that are struggling with osteoarthritis. They make sure they treat their patients like family while giving specialized care. The Osteo Relief Institute treatment team will listen carefully to all underlying concerns. The providers will speak to the patient in a language that can easily be understood without medical confusion (http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/08/01/new-jerseys-osteo-relief-institute-offers-hope-for-arthritis-sufferers/). The Osteo Relief Institute will work as a team to determine the proper treatment. Surgery remains a last resort for the physicians at this facility.


The Osteo Relief Institute prides itself on alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture to help relieve pain. Gentle massages ease tension and facilitate the body’s own healing process. For centuries, acupuncture has been known to aid in pain management. The Osteo Relief Institute can assist tremendously osteoarthritis.

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