Over the past few years, The Swiss Startup Factory has been achieving more success than ever before. The company has been investing in businesses that are promising and are created by people with a passion for the job. The opportunities that The Swiss Startup Factory provides to rising businesses are invaluable.


The Swiss Startup Factory was created by the Swiss finance expert Mr. Mike Baur. The company started up only in 2014, but it has quickly become a wild success in its line of work. The company works with businesses of all industries from all around the world. It makes investments in the most promising young firms. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an Accelerator program as well. The company is, in fact, known for the quality and efficiency of the program. It entails an office in Zurich which is where the corporation is headquartered. There are also coaches and mentors that help business owners and employees to reach their professional goals in a certain amount of time. One of the most attractive features of the accelerator program is the international network that the programs gives access to. The Swiss Startup Factory is working towards expanding that global network regularly. It provides access to many opportunities and the chances to work in partnership with other rising businesses. In three months, the Accelerator program promises achieved goal and success.


The founder of The Swiss Startup Factory, Mr. Mike Baur, used to work in the finance sector. He is originally from Switzerland where he used to occupy a position at a big bank. Mr. Mike Baur worked in the area of finance in Switzerland for about two decades. After he had met his future colleagues, Mr. Mike Baur decided to take the leap and step away from the sector of finance. The three partners moved to Zurich, Germany and created the Swiss Startup Factory there.


The hard work paid off. Mr. Mike Baur is the placeholder for a vast number of awards. He has been recognized for his achievements in the field of business. One of the latest tokens of recognition came in 2016. Mr. Mike Baur was featured in a publication of the Wall Street Journal which is one of the strongest entities in the business community. The magazine wrote about the transition in the career that Mr. Mike Baur had made. In his career, Mr. Mike Baur has worked for some establishments, but the largest success came from his own company.


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