The Brown Agency is Austin, Texas number one commercial company and modeling agency. The Brown agency started off providing clients with modeling talent options and exposure to some of the largest well known companies in the fashion industry and even in other huge industries.


The Brown Agency has recently become the only full-service agency in Austin, Texas as of now. To make this possible The Brown Agency and Heyman Talent-South agency (an acting agency) linked up and together formed a partnership.


In 2010 Justin Brown and Wilhelmina Austin launched in Austin, Texas. The agency became well known and popular throughout Texas. The Brown agency was known for their modeling talent. They became very successful.


Heyman Talent-South agency was successful and known for bringing on and finding their acting talent. Now that they have joined forces it has become a full service talent agency that not only finds models but actors as well.


Michael B. Bonnée is the head of the theatrical part of the agency. He believes that the combining of both agencies make an exciting opportunity.


Since the merge of both talent companies, The Brown Agency has since became the agency for representing models and also actors. They have been featured in areas such as movies, commercials and ad’s, TV, social media videos, voice overs, print covers, catalogs, conventions and special events, trade shows, corporate and promo events, fashion events, run way events and more!


The Brown agencies greatest inspiration has been the people. They are inspired by the talented, beautiful people that have had a hand in creating and building the Brown Agency legacy. They believe it’s more than fashion but it’s about everything that they have created and continue to create that makes them who they are. They believe what they do is an art and lifestyle. They also believe in the realness of their actors that bring their talent and expression to their art and work. They believe that what they all do tells a beautiful story. The Brown Agency dedicates their brand to the models and actors so that they can give 100 percent of their selves in their art for the agency. You can visit his Instagram page.


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