Talk Fusion is a company that has specialized in the production of compelling and memorable video content. The commitment and focus the on quality of content developed by Talk Fusion is the reason the firm is the most sought after by clients after quality video content for promotion and marketing purposes.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina is the firm’s chief executive officer. The reason behind creating Talk Fusion was to provide businesses with a competitive edge through providing them with quality and engaging video content. The videos produced by Talk Fusion are to be used to showcase the client’s products and services in a manner that will attract prospective clients.


During the ten years that Talk Fusion has been in the market, it has dedicated its efforts in providing both compelling and memorable content for its clients. The quality of the firm’s services has made them the leader in the production of material that leads to the success and growth of brands. That’s the reason Talk Fusion is referred to as the home of video content.


Talk Fusion markets its products and services using a direct personal approach that has been in use even before the internet came of age. The reason for using this method is to enable the firm to interact and engage directly with their prospective clients. Through this, Talk Fusion can comprehensively understand the needs of their diverse clients which in turn leads to the production of quality tailor-made content for the firm’s clients.


Other than being an executive at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is also a contributor to the HuffPost. Since 2016, Reina has made several publications on the HuffPost. The areas he covers in his writing for the global news agency revolve around self-development and entrepreneurship. The reason for the choice of these topics is to ensure his audience succeed in running their respective enterprises


The HuffPost recently went through a transformation that saw the rebranding of the news agency from the Huffington Post. Reina supports HuffPost’s decision to rebrand itself while the company puts more focus in telling stories of people who have been left out in the news coverage. Learn more:


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