Camille Styles, an event planner and blog editor in New York City, has constructed a must do list for anyone hosting a party or get together. She has included a party check list to guide hosts so that everything runs smoothly. Some of her helpful tips include being organized. Keeping a master list, as well as other smaller lists, tends to make the task of hosting an event less stressful. Lists also help details get done and you are less likely to forget something if it is on a list. Another tip for creating the perfect get together is planning a theme. This sets the tone for the guest and activities.

Making sure you send out invitations for your party. Whether these are online invitations or written invitations, they help build anticipation and they also serve as a reminder. You can incorporate a self serve bar at your party. Party goers love to create and serve each other. Another good idea is creating a specialty drink. This will make a lasting impression on your guest. Camille reminds us that the rule of thumb is one alcoholic drink per guest.

Not only offering beverages is a must, but appetizers are always a welcome treat. Make these simple and easy to prepare. Remember to keep it simply and light. Hors d’doeuvers are less formal and allow your guest to mingle and talk. If any guest bring young children, remember to designate a kids table. Encourage the children to sit at this table and enjoy age appropriate activities like coloring and playing. Any good event planning company in NYC includes this area.

Remember to keep things simple. Then you can relax and enjoy your own party. When the celebration is over, remember to give small tokens for your guests to remember the event by. Nothing expensive. Just a small gift that will be the perfect reminder of a wonderful time.

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