Surf Air was the first private jet air travel club, and it is know celebrating its 5th year in operation. Surf Air eliminates many travel hassles for its subscribers. Long lines, layovers, and other negative aspects of air travel are completely eliminated when you subscribe to Surf Air.

Surf Air is gaining popularity as the years pass. This simple concept – a private subscription air liner – has transformed the way people fly. Flying has never been more enjoyable with Surf Air.

Flying isn’t merely a luxury. Many people rely on airplanes to get to places their job requires. People with these types of jobs need to fly frequently. In fact, over 2.9 million people use airplanes each day in the United States. Basic airlines are typically a nuisance for these people. They don’t want to wait in line for four hours before every flight, they don’t want to be subjugated to the population of a standard flight, and they don’t want to be search so frequently.

Surf Air removes almost all of these inconveniences. When you fly with Surf Air, you will be minimally searched, you will fly with familiar faces, and you will not have to stand in long lines before each flight.

Surf Air’s clients pay a flat fee and are able to fly as often as they like. Clients will get to know the airline, the people who fly the planes, and the people who frequent them.

Surf Air’s aircraft of choice is the Pilatus PC-12NG. It has a maximum range of 1200 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 322 mph, and uses less fuel than normal midsize jets. Their pilots consist of people with pasts in the military, commercial, and private aircraft industries. Two of these pilots are on board at all times.

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