Southridge Capital LLC enjoys its dominance as one of the most recognized privately owned equity companies across the globe. The firm has had tremendous performances when it comes to positive impact on services offered to its clients since its establishment in 1996. The firm also has a very competent executive team and staff members who have very good communication with its president and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stephen Hicks. The professional team commands the multitude of clients due to the quality of financial services they offer to the customers.

The company’s dedication and success

Southridge capital LLC has qualified team members who dedicate themselves to customers for quality services and to the success of the business and has had good performances when it comes to market growth. The institution has invested almost 2 billion dollars in the establishments of other companies and has also offered well-grounded and unbeatable services in the financial analysis, optimization of balance sheets, acquisitions, advice on bankruptcy, just to mention a few.

Philanthropy and charities

Southridge capital has a charity organization that understands the significance of volunteering to give free services to the community. With the volunteer and charity services, it has made very effective impacts to the society, which has ripped the whole nation. The CEO of the firm, Mr. Stephen, and his wife Mary Hicks joined hands to start the Daystar Foundation which has given support to the needy by giving them time and resources with aim of improving their livelihoods. With the support of other organizations like Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and the Ridgefield Foundation Landmark, among others. The institution and its charity foundation, Daystar Foundation have given their support and awareness to less fortunate which has opened their minds in the dedication of their business. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The recent business deal

Recently, Southridge made a very huge investment of 5 million dollars towards elite services Inc., an online company that deals with marketing and gaming. Both firms have settled a stable working condition due to their innovative structure. It is the best company to work with if someone is seeking solutions to address business challenges.




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