Six eye health organizations in including Sightsavers sent a letter to the Commonwealth governments imploring them to take action to prevent a significant increase in blindness and other eye problems that they predict will happen by the year 2050. This open letter was timed around the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that will be taking place in London. The organizations that have come together include Sightsavers, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Clearly, the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Trust, and Peek Vision. Each one of these organizations came together under “Vision for the Commonwealth” to try to unite governments, service providers, and advocates so they can bring awareness to the many preventable problems that can cause blindness and vision loss.


The CEO of Sightsavers, Dr. Caroline Harp, insists that in order to ensure that all of the people of the Commonwealth have access to the eye health services that they need everyone must work together. 85 million people in the Commonwealth either have bad vision or are completely blind, this number is expected to grow as the population ages. This means that millions of people in the region will face hardships due to their vision problems.


While Sightsavers and the rest of the team behind Vision for the Commonwealth say that there has been a lot of progress made on their goal to improve the eye health of people around the globe, there is still a tremendous amount to be done in order to win the battle against vision problems. They hope that the leaders that are attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will build on the successes that organizations like Sightsavers have had in order to progress even further to prevent blindness and other vision problems. They are imploring these leaders to at least take one action of significance by the year 2020.

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