Self-esteem determines what one feels about their personality and character. If you lose your self-esteem, you may not achieve much in life. Most scientists say self-esteem is a life-changer. However, some people don’t like how they look, and this affects the feelings of their self-worth in a great way. If you don’t like some of your body features, you need to seek the cosmetic services from a competent plastic surgeon like Sameer Jejurikar. Sameer is known to concentrate on the results of the process to ensure they match what the client expected. This plastic surgeon is board-certified, and he has won many awards throughout his career.

Sameer doesn’t just look at the good results the patient will get but also how lasting they would be. In 2012, the cosmetic surgeon received Compassionate Doctor Certification, a prestigious award. It’s one of the greatest awards any plastic surgeon receives when their results and performance get a good rating. Dr. Sameer was born in Minnesota and grew up in the same place. Sameer Jejurikar developed a strong desire to be a doctor while he was a child. He didn’t allow his dream to submerge, but he followed it up. This saw him go to the Medical School at Michigan University for his undergraduate degree in medicine.

The plastic surgeon did his fellowship at Manhattan Hospital that specializes in throat, ear and eye medical problems. The American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society recognizes Sameer Jejurikar as an active member. He has done a lot for this patients and community to a point where they all speak well of him. He always organizes annual medical missions in Bangladesh to improve the health condition of the impoverished children. Through an organization called Smile Bangladesh, Dr. Sameer has managed to improve the appearance of the nose, face, eyes, breasts, and body of many people today. Microsurgery, Surgical Research Journal, Aesthetic Surgical Journal, and Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery are some of the publications where Sameer has been featured.

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