Each day that I arrive at the jail to begin my day as a corrections officer, I realize that I am one injury away from being sent home in an ambulance. The inmates in my jail are some of the most dangerous, and they would not think twice about taking out an officer to make up for the fact they have to spend any amount of time in the prison. To try and increase my chances of going home safely, there are a number of invaluable resources we use each day in the jail.


We make use of the drug-sniffing dogs each day to try and locate contraband inside the inmate’s cells or the jail itself. We have an officer who opens every letter coming into the jail to search for drugs. My team will do full body searches of inmates and guests in the visitor center to try and keep things like cigarettes, cell phones, and other contraband out of the hands of the inmate.


Our team is now working with Securus Technologies to make life safer for all of those working inside the jail. The company makes the inmate call monitoring system that we use to pay close tabs on what types of conversations the inmates are having with their family and friends on the outside. Securus Technologies has placed these systems in thousands of jails in this country, and all thousand employees are committed to making our planet safer.


Once the LBS software is monitoring the calls, we now get alerts even if we are elsewhere in the jail. To date, we have gotten alerts when an inmate is bragging about doing drugs in the cell at night, trading inmates for things like cigarettes and prescription drugs, or forcing a family member to come to the jail with contraband.


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