Rocketship Education is an organization which provides students with an opportunity to achieve the highest level of academic education that they can achieve on an elementary school level. Students attending Rocketship Education public charter schools are primarily from low-income families. Rocketship provide students with an opportunity to excel in their education and reach levels of academic success they were unable to achieve in other schools in many instances. Students who attend Rocketship schools are primarily from low-income families and these students have the same right to achieve academic success as other children from more affluent families. The teachers at Rocketship charter schools are passionate about assisting their students with customized strategies which allow students to achieve academic excellence and make up for any deficits that may have been identified in areas such as reading and math.

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of public charter schools which was founded in 2007 in California to allow students to receive the academic training that they need to prepare them for college in the future. The culture of Rocketship Education consist of community partnerships with parents, teachers, and organizations and the organization has created additional public charter schools as a result of the success achieved by the schools since they were established. Rocketship schools have expanded to other areas of the United States and parents in Washington D.C. were excited about the school opening in their city. Parents in the Washington D.C area participated in interviews which were held to hire teachers for the school in which their children are now enrolled.

There are five core values for each Rocketship school. Four out of five core values are shared throughout each of the school consist of responsibility, respect, empathy, and persistence. The fifth core value is selected by the parents and teachers at each school based upon the individual characteristics of the school.

An attitude of gratitude is prevalent within the Rocketship Education network. Students are thankful for the education they receive from their school. Students attending Rocketship charter schools take pride in attending their specific school and they cheerfully communicate, “I am a Rocketship Rockteer!”

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