NewsWatch TV airs on the ION Network and the AMC Network. Production of the series began in March 1990. NewsWatch TV is a reliable source for consumer news relating to travel, health, technology, and entertainment. The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. Amanda Fortson, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges also provide special feature reports.

Since the show has been on air it has featured over 100,000 stories on a variety of topics such as: medical breakthroughs, new product introductions, public policy issues and legal issues to name a few.

NewsWatch TV has attracted many celebrities who came on the show to discuss current issues and causes important to them. Some of the celebrities who have appeared on the show are Will Simith, Denzel Washington, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

The website contains many videos on interesting topics for all audiences. One of the videos features a new app for texting called the Vidii keyboard app. Have you ever wanted to add a video to your text with the perfect line from your favorite movie? Sometimes you want to bring out your inner comedian and need just the right scene or moment. Video provides a way to “make it so.”

You start by going to the app store to download the app to your iPhone. The app provides easy to use instructions for how to add videos to your the iMessage. It’s the next step up from using emoji’s. You tap it, pull it up and choose the movie scene that you want to use. Since most people communicate by texting this addition to your keyboard provides a way to add a human touch to your text. Imagine receiving a video in your text that fits the occasion of the conversation? Imagine no more, head to the app store and download the app.

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