It’s not easy to manage a business, let alone sustain it to bring in the needed energy it requires to beat the competition and not stagnate against the emerging new companies. We should also say here that there’s no real blueprint of a guide on how to succeed, except for the fact that one should learn the real important business lessons through trial and error, and intelligent risk-taking. In Randal Nardone’s case, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, it is through sheer brains, skill and a mix of luck that he was able to grow the company he’s running into one of today’s most ominous and relevant alternative asset management firms.

Forbes’ List of Billionaires

You may already have read the name of Mr. Randal Nardone from Forbes’ List of Billionaires, ranking #557 since 2007. Such position has brought him a net worth of about $1.8 Billion already, primarily because of his outstanding work in Fortress Investment Group.Being a resident of New York, New York is also an exceptional chance for him to get all the opportunities to create innovative products and tap in ways that increase one’s assets. However, the fact that Randal Nardone is also a good executive that handles employees well is also an added positive trait in his career.

¬†Employees’ Assesment

Some say that the best way that a company can be judged is through its engagement with the employees. In the case of Randal Nardone’s management in Fortress, we can read from a series of Glassdoor’s reviews that the employees are satisfied with the way that the operations in his company are done. With the right incentives for employees to grow and the opportunities always given to them to expand their market reach, Randal Nardone is indeed doing something right in how he is coping with the growth of his company.It might also be essential to state here that the educational background of Randal Nardone could also be instrumental in the kind of success he’s earned today. Being a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Boston University has earned him the reputation, network and formal training to understand the global market. Being a lawyer is also an outstanding facet of him that put him ahead of the game. But that doesn’t help where his career stops. When he became a finance man, everything in his life completely changed.

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