It is crucial for every investor to stay informed on the next possible breakthrough in solutions if they are to garner at most benefits from the financial marketplace. An investor, therefore, ought to pay utmost attention to what is happening around them. The most successful investors have showcased imagination and scrutiny. They take every aspect of what is going on in the world and come up with a way through which they can better the quality of people’ lives. Great investors do not invest in companies that have already established themselves in the market. They instead go for those companies that have the potential of surpassing enterprises that are considered great. One example of financial intellects is Paul Mampilly. He has for many years used the financial market to generate enormous wealth.

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Mr. Mampilly has always focused on the future a fact that enables him to predict the future investments according to He believes that the fall or rise of industries is entirely bestowed on the human behavior. Once an investor foresees the preferences of a generation, it becomes easy for him/ her to understand the condition of the critical industries in the world. There are striking characteristics of Paul Mampilly that make him different from the other financial experts in the United States of America. He is dedicated to assisting the Main Street American investors. He began doing this after realizing that any economy depends on the average citizens. Paul, therefore, founded Capuchin Consulting to help individuals achieve their financial goals.

Through his master plan, Paul Mampilly has identified an investment opportunity in the food industry. Statistics have it that millennials make up 92 million of the American population. At the same time, the usual demand for food among this group has also risen since this group of people is not afraid to spend their money on food. It is common to find a millennial spending up to $50.75 every week on food in a restaurant. Food kits also reap substantially from the appetite of the millennials. An investor can, therefore, use the food trends of the persons below the age of 35 to build up a company that will be successful now and in the future.

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