Paul Mampilly is known all over for his unmatched knowledge and experience in the stock markets. He has worked for big hedge funds and knows what is needed to make it in the financial markets. For many years, there has been a lot of misconceptions in the stock markets. Many people just think of stock markets as a place where you can enter blindly and make money. This is not true. Stock markets are just like any other business. You have to do research and decide on the best stock investment to make. However, this does not happen most of the time. Many people want to ride on the waves that are in the market. Many investors will buy a stock not because they have done their research and found out that it is worth the investment but because they heard from their friends that such and such stocks have good returns. At the end, they all end up in a big problem when the stocks perform badly and lose their investment.

This does not only happen to the stock markets. It also happens in other industries. Right now, there is an ongoing insane purchase of cryptocurrencies. There are currencies many people are investing in without understanding the basic principles which guide the market. Just because they are gaining does not mean one should buy them. You might buy them today and then tomorrow they start crumbling.

Concerning the cryptocurrencies, American investor Paul Mampilly warns investors about making moves that may complicate their financial capacity. It is wrong to invest in the cryptocurrencies when you have no idea about the future or what has brought them to these prices. The lack of any solid reasons to why they are gaining in value is reason enough to stay away from them.

Paul Mampilly explains that the recent increase in the prices is likely to trap many investors who will be looking to make profits from cryptos. He says that very soon we will see the evil behind the cryptos. The increase in prices is not based on anything tangible. He calls them a bubble that will soon burst and will leave many investors in trouble. Paul Mampilly explains that cryptos have every characteristic of a bubble. People are so much emotionally attached to them that they cannot even think straight. They think everyone condemning the cryptos is simply jealous since they did not invest in them.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a distinguished stick investor. He has made a number of accomplishments in his life such as winning the Templeton Foundation award for the best trader.

He frequently appears in business TV channels giving opinions on various topics related to stock markets.

About Paul Mampilly:

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