Real World Applications for AI

No one will deny that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and Paul Mampilly sees that AI is poised to be a big disruptor soon. Many of the instances of artificial intelligence are harmful and take some of the weight of many of decisions we make daily easier: choosing a vacation spot, shopping on an online vendors website, or pre-selecting a list of music choices for your pleasurable listening. According to “Guru” Mampilly, it is this ability to handpick these things for individuals that make AI so interesting, intriguing, and valuable to others.

AI’s Deep Focus

AI already changes drastically the way we do things today, but AI is becoming more and more prominent beyond our imaginations. For example, Paul Mampilly, on his Twitter page, gives evidence that AI is now sophisticated enough to be able to point out or recognize specific individuals, as a suspect in a crime, among a group of 60K people. A regular person would be astounded to hear the claim from another person if they performed such a feat. Paul Mampilly wants to show the impact AI will have on our lives in the future.

AI’s Great Value

AI is already making an impact on every sector of our society at its infancy stages, and it will continue to build deeper and broader has implications as the future of AI develops into maturity. According to “Guru” Mampilly, the worlds most respected analysts predict that AI will add over a Trillion dollars in value across 19 industries this year, but by 2022 as much as 3-5 Trillion dollars words of new services.

AI’s Deep Learning

AI has the most significant advantage to a person in that it can generate actionable information for the investor. By collecting data across a full field of different industries and showing where action can be performed for greater services to others makes AI most valuable to the investor for tomorrow. “Guru” Mampilly recommended three AI stocks in 2017 to those who attended his Total Wealth Symposium, and one year later those three stocks have soared 29%, 86%, and 145%. During the last year, the S&P 500 increased 13% less than the least AI stock recommended by Paul Mampilly to his investors. According to Paul Mampilly, the growth of AI will continue to grow and provide valuable opportunities for investors.

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