It’s not easy to manage a business, let alone sustain it to bring in the needed energy it requires to beat the competition and not stagnate against the emerging new companies. We should also say here that there’s no real blueprint of a guide on how to succeed, except for the fact that one should learn the real important business lessons through trial and error, and intelligent risk-taking. In Randal Nardone’s case, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, it is through sheer brains, skill and a mix of luck that he was able to grow the company he’s running into one of today’s most ominous and relevant alternative asset management firms.

Forbes’ List of Billionaires

You may already have read the name of Mr. Randal Nardone from Forbes’ List of Billionaires, ranking #557 since 2007. Such position has brought him a net worth of about $1.8 Billion already, primarily because of his outstanding work in Fortress Investment Group.Being a resident of New York, New York is also an exceptional chance for him to get all the opportunities to create innovative products and tap in ways that increase one’s assets. However, the fact that Randal Nardone is also a good executive that handles employees well is also an added positive trait in his career.

 Employees’ Assesment

Some say that the best way that a company can be judged is through its engagement with the employees. In the case of Randal Nardone’s management in Fortress, we can read from a series of Glassdoor’s reviews that the employees are satisfied with the way that the operations in his company are done. With the right incentives for employees to grow and the opportunities always given to them to expand their market reach, Randal Nardone is indeed doing something right in how he is coping with the growth of his company.It might also be essential to state here that the educational background of Randal Nardone could also be instrumental in the kind of success he’s earned today. Being a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Boston University has earned him the reputation, network and formal training to understand the global market. Being a lawyer is also an outstanding facet of him that put him ahead of the game. But that doesn’t help where his career stops. When he became a finance man, everything in his life completely changed.

The co-founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe Herd, for Tinder since the time it was launched it has become synonymous in the hooking up. In 2014, she went ahead to start the Bumble an app that she came up with on her own that had more of the feminist twist. In the app what triggered the women to make the first move was when two heterosexual were matched at the app. Three years later and now the company user rate has increased to become 20 million users. The app has created the needed fame to themselves to contend with an app like and the reports that have been carried over the years have shown in the app the cases of the abuse and harassment are low when compared with competitors. With that Whitney , is building an empire that will soon rule people phones.

In 2016 there was the Bumble BFF that was hatched by Bumble, an offshoot that was set in helping with the creating the platonic friendship. Last year, it was the first time that it brought the women credo in a way that was professional networking that led to the launch of Bumble Bizz. That was a new place in the app that will use the perks of online dating left and right swipe, the matches in the same geo-targeted areas and it will bring them on the career sphere. At Bumble, they believe that people will be happy according to how the current relationship is going. The main thing that Whitney Wolfe is concerned with that through her app she will be able to empower women that will not have to deal with sexual harassments.

The reason why she came up with Bumble was to change the way women and men interacted with each other, an app that was concerned about those people that were looking for a heterosexual relationship and give them a space that they could communicate without having to deal with abuses. Whitney Wolfe got married to Michael Herd in a venue hat both had not been before Villa Tre Ville on September 2017. A wedding that was breathtaking to everyone that attended. Whitney Wolfe gained admission at the Southern Methodist University where she participated at the international studies. Her business skill started while still in school and that it was what has helped her in her marketing experience because at the age of 1 she was selling the tote bamboo bags.

If you firm require some help in investment, it would be best to seek the services from an experienced investment company. Such a professional company is Fortress Investment Group. It is a management company that has diversified its investments and has interest in liquid hedge funds, alternative assets, private equity and credit funds. It was founded and established in 1998 by its five founding members who all had significant experience in the financial sector. They serve both institutional and private clients globally. Their global reach has allowed them to serve their clients better and become more reliable in supporting overseas interests.There are some factors that make Fortress Investment Group an industry leader and these are enshrined in its core competencies. If your company is interested in a merger or acquisition of another company, then you’ll need some valuation before you complete the deal. The professional team from Fortress Investment Group are experts in such task. They possess multiple years of experience conducting the same services for other companies that were highly successful. They mainly use their asset-based approach for valuation in mergers and acquisition.

The main approach here is to figure out the Net Asset Value of your firm.Such data is necessary to apportion the correct value in the acquisition process. Industry knowledge is another important value that Fortress Investment Management Group offers the industry. Considering the investment experts have successfully completed a lot of business, they can give their customers the right analysis based on the market data that they have accumulated over the years. You will be glad to note that Fortress Investment Group’s business operations have had a long period to mature and develop hence their core-competencies have a hard foundation.Among the core business functions of Fortress Investment Group is offering credit. According to, some recent developments on the deal between the investment group and Theranos, Fortress Investment Group could end up owning the company if the deal goes sour.

In 2010, they were one of the main contributors in the building of the athlete’s village for the winter Olympics. They were the main providers of credit towards the completion of the facility. Several publications have mentioned Fortress Investment Group as a great investment firm and a market leader. This generated great focus on the firm by various large corporations for acquisition. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is owned by a Japanese firm, Softbank Group Corp that turned it into a private equity company. Most of the negotiations happened in late 2017 until actual transfer of ownership. This led to a delisting from the stock exchange market and into a private firm. The acquisition brought a new era into the business operations of the globally-operated company. Although the acquisition was completed by a foreign firm, the headquarters still remain in New York and still run their operations independently. The business deal focused on maintaining the central business model of the company, its established brand and the employee culture.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC was launched in 1998 by a few businessmen in the industry of finance. The corporation is multi-million business now with more than 2,500 employees working around the world and serving more than 1,750 private investor and corporate clients around the world.The corporation is the financial manager of assets exceeding $43 billion, as the Fortress Investment Group announced at the last day of 2017. The business provides services in the fields of private equity, credit, real estate, investment strategies, hedge funds, traditional asset management, and also works in the railroad business.The Fortress Investment Group LLC was bought by the global conglomerate SoftBank Group. Renowned businessman Masayoshi Son founded the Japanese business and grew it into a multi-billion conglomerate that operates all around the world. The SoftBank Group started the process of the acquisition in February last year and completed in at the end of December 2017.

One of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group LLC is Mr. Randal A. Nardone. He started operating as the Principal of the Credit Department when the corporation was established, as a member of the Management Committee of the Fortress Investment Group LLC. At the end of 2011, Mr. Randal A. Nardone was appointed as the interim Chief Executive Officer of the finance management firm until July 2013. A few months later, he became the permanent Chief Executive Officer of the business. Mr. Randal A. Nardone is working under a new contract after the Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the SoftBank Group last year. The contract is for a period of five years and will be revised further after the time is up.

Before 1998 and the co-founding of the Fortress Investment Group LLC, Mr. Randal A. Nardone was a part of the corporation UBS. He was a managing director for one year. Before that, Mr. Randal A. Nardone served as the Principal of the Black Rock Financial Management Inc and before that, he was Partner and member of the executive committee of the Tacher Proffitt & Wood, which is a law firm.Mr. Randal A. Nardone received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut in English and Biology. After that, Mr. Randal A. Nardone aquired his Juris Doctor degree in Law from the renowned School of Law of the Boston University.Over the years, Mr. Randal A. Nardone has a number of articles on finance and business and given speeches at events as well.

The trouble with keeping up with breaking news these days is the fact that it is a 24/7 business. Word has it that Timothy S. Duncan and Tolos Energy has a major announcement to make. They are currently going through with plans to acquire Lafayette, Louisiana-based Stone Energy Corporation.

This merger will be extremely important to the off shore Gulf Coast drilling since both companies are both heavily invested in the area. As the deal is expected to go smoothly due to both sides mutually agreeing on the terms, it is expected to close in the next year. Hoping for a late first quarter or early second quarter closing, they wait.

Combining the two companies was an essential no-brainer, as Timothy Duncan prepares to take further steps to secure offshore drilling and exploration in the Gulf. With technical resources such as these, this merger will surely accelerate the development of current inventory and open up other opportunities.

Upon closing, those stakeholders within Talos will be in control of 63% of the company while those shareholders for Stone will round out the remaining 37%. Initially the equity market capitalization is shown to be estimated around $1.9 billion, while carrying an enterprise value of approximitaly $2.5 billion.

Having so much in reserve will make any company feel confident about their future in the oil business, but utilizing your resources is only part of the mission. Talos Energy Inc. will have around 1.2 million acres combined in the Gulf of Mexico. This amounts to a daily average production of nearly 47 thousand barrels of oil.

Duncan and the 10-member board of directors will have six members from Talos with four more coming from Stone to round out the board. As Citigroup and UBS Investment banks are the advisers financially for Talos, Petrie Partners Securities LLS will act as Stone’s financial adviser. All of this to be accounted for when the final bell rings.

Normally these releases are relatively quiet although due to their massive financial implications, most feel as though the risk of market fluctuation is too high. The Gulf resolution is a pleasant one, with Talos being the victor in this situation. Not so much a victim of circumstance, essentially Stone may have been predestined to join with Talos and further the exploration of our oil reserves. Clearly great minds think alike, and that can be said about this merger as well.

Mike Baur is the co-owner of Switzerland’s sufficient business accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory, which gives the power back to the people. Over twenty years in Switzerland’s banking industry, Baur experienced the obstacles that entrepreneurs face while helping them with investment counseling and portfolio management. Through his interactions with the most prominent entrepreneurs of Switzerland, he was able to portrude through his obstacles with a humanistic approach.


The purpose of the “startup accelerator” was to assist aspiring individuals to succeed in the business industry. The startup accelerator consisted of numbers and sales figures, built on the foundation of a highly motivated team. Throughout this experience, Baur was stated having learned two things. First that the success of the entrepreneurial clients depended on the leadership teams more than the business model. Secondly, a clients motivation is relative to their success. A clients strength of character will get them through tough times in their business.


Forgoing their own salaries, Baur and co-owners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer privately funded their accelerator for the first two years of business. By becoming a self-funded entity, they were able to avoid the many intrusions that accompany corporate funding. In almost a trickle-down effect all the way down to the client.


In every startup company, there is an exchange of information, market analysis, community connections, references, financial counseling and business leadership. The Swiss Startup Factory is different. The difference is Mike Baur and his professional experience in the realms of banking and entrepreneurship.


As business flourished, so did the number of applications to his entrepreneurship mentoring program. In response, he restricted the number of applicants being accepted. He changed the way he did business from a generalized protocol for all business plans to a more specialized and interactive approach. Mike Baur and his company create tailored avenues of success for their clients. An intimate roadmap with features such as ROI measures and profit building. Baur builds lasting relationships with his clients as his business continues to grow.


Founders Baur, Meister and Waltzer have emotionally invested themselves at the Swiss Startup Factory. By self-funding their business in its first two years, they understand what their clients are going through when interacting with them.

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer from the US. He was born in 1957 on 20th of October. His father was a university professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. He joined Cherry Hill High School East. When he was in high school, his grandfather was his chief inspiration.

Lawrence Bender joined The University of Maine where he pursued a degree in civil engineering. He followed his grandfather’s footsteps to become a civil engineer. After graduating Lawrence Bender became a dancer. He danced in different shows. However, his dancing career was short-lived after he sustained an injury that made him quit. Currently, Lawrence Bender is a worldwide renowned and celebrated movie producer. He has produced several films aired on our television screens. Some of the movies that he has produced include, Goodwill hunting, Safe, Pulp fiction, Innocent voices among many others.

With an experience of over 20 years, Lawrence Bender was the chief producer of the movie ’Dirty dancing: Havana nights’. The movie was filmed and produced in the summer of November 1958. An American teenage girl by the name Katy Miller, together with her parents and younger sister relocates to Havana. Katey’s dad is an executive at a Ford Expatriated company in Cuba. On the other hand, Katey is a teenager that misses her friends and her past life in the United States. The family books and lodges rooms in a grand hotel. In the same hotel, Katey meets a local teenager who happens to be a waiter. The waiter is known as Javier Suarez. Later Katy sees Javier dancing on the streets, where the public converges to see artists dance.

The two teenagers become good friends. To spoil the party, Javier gets fired from the hotel. The reason why he was because her acquaintances had spied on them. At this juncture, Katy starts to develop a strong bond with Javier. She invites Suarez to dance in a Latin contest to assist him to earn some cash for his upkeep since he never had a job. The two secretly meet in a nightclub for their dance rehearsals. Afterwards, the two teenagers fall deeply in love with each other.

It is difficult to find a doctor that shows greater entrepreneurial skills and mastery than Dr. Mark McKenna. He has successfully founded and managed two companies that were able to rake in millions and all this time doing it with just a medical degree.

The Tulane Medical School graduate started his entrepreneurial drive when he was in medical school. Moonlighting in the prison to gain capital for his real estate business. He worked in his father’s clinic for 5 years before he set out to pursue his dream. His real estate business in New Orleans was a success until one fateful night Hurricane Katrina blew his fortunes away in 2005. Dr. Mark McKenna was still to build back his business but a mixture of love, recession and the fact that New Orleans was already ruined was enough to make him move to Atlanta. He did not move penniless but with an account of 800,000 dollars.

Atlanta was a new beginning for Dr. Mark McKenna but his drive was still the same. He set out to start ShapeMed. This was an enterprise that combined his heart and skills. The business offered its clients services like cosmetic treatments, botox injection and nutrition counseling. Shopmed was so successful that Lifetime offered to buy it for 4.4 million dollars. He continued working in the new look company before he quit when other private players came in. However, this was not the end of Dr. Mark. He was a man with a drive.

His new business venture OVME meant to be pronounced ‘of me’. The idea revolves around technology and medicine two things Dr. Mark McKenna is familiar with. The doctor wants to bring together dermatologists and Plastic Surgeon in a bid to make the client feel relaxed and have a great experience in the process.

OVME intends to create an application that will be used to connect the medical practitioners with clients that need their services. The practitioners will make house calls when needed for a fee. Dr. Mark also intends to open high end, luxurious clinics for patients that need aesthetic.

Truly, Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor by skills but an entrepreneur by heart.

The Jerusalem Post is one of the newest online portals for Jews around the world. The website was created by Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American businessman, and entrepreneur who manages the Hager Pacific Properties. He is considered as one of the top investors in the country, and he gives back to the community by participating in various philanthropic activities. He and his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and it served as a testament to their dedication to helping the people. Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein was trained by his father to become his successor in their family business. He was sent to the university to study business and economics, and after he graduated, he helped his father in managing their family business. His family had to move to the United States later on because of the business opportunities that his father is looking forward to. He studied while living in the United States, and he managed to receive his master’s degree. After he obtained several degrees, he decided to leave his father and search for a job, all by himself. He became a real estate agent, and after earning so much knowledge about the real estate industry, he decided to return to his father and help him once again in managing their business.

Aside from managing the Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein is also active in social media. Adam MIlstein Linkedin has been visited by a lot of people. His most famous website, called The Jerusalem Post, reaches thousands of Israelis around the world. He would be posting a lot of commentaries and blogs on the website, and he is also sharing the charitable acts that he and his wife are doing. He dedicated the website to the people of Israel, and he stated that he would be writing articles that would uplift his countrymen’s spirits. Despite the criticisms that he is receiving, he is firm in his stance that the website he operates would only be for the sole purpose of changing the perception of everyone against the Israeli people. For Adam Milstein, he must inform the public about the people and the state of Israel, and he would have to invalidate all of the accusations that are hurled towards his people and his country. Adam Milstein Linkedin can be accessed online as well, to provide more information about the celebrated businessman.

Wes Edens is a tough investor who understands the challenges that most Americans face when they are doing business. Wes Edens decided that he was going to change the lives of the investors in his home country many years ago when he founded the company called Fortress Investment Group. At the moment, he is the chairman of the institution, and he has earned so much respect because of the changes he is bringing in the investment advisory firm. Navigating the American market can be quite a difficult task for most people. First of all, these individuals need mentorship from people who have been in the market for a long time so that they do not make losses. Edens decided that he was going to become the bridge many people were looking for. Years later, Wes Edens is a happy man because his dream of assisting consumers has come true.

Fortress Investment Advisory is currently doing well in the international market, and it has won numerous awards. As the founder of the largest alternative asset management company, Wes Edens is a very popular personality. First of all, he is highly capable of handling the management of a global company, and this has made him a notable figure in the world. Wes Edens knows the kind of problems people deal with, and he also has the skills to use so that the investors can be happy. Wes Edens leadership capabilities make him a very good professional too. Without him, the investment company could not be performing so well.A leader signifies the kind of progress a company is making. When a leader lacks motivation and honesty, the employees in a company can only be prepared for getting losses at the end of the financial year.

This has been the case with Wes Edens. Since the businessman is highly qualified and knowledgeable, he has brought the kind of changes he wants for his company. Wes Edens is in charge of the complex decisions that should be made in the large organization. In his career life, the leader has always been looking forward to start a company that can assist people with their investments. The businessman is also one of the few people in the world who make a lot of money each month. According to one of the most respected magazines in the United States, Wes Edens is one of the people who have a lot of wealth. The Forbes magazine says that the investor has accumulated so much wealth over the years.