For the third time, OSI Food Solutions has been awarded by the British Safety Council the Globe of Honor Award. This prestigious award is given to companies that have excelled in the management of environmental risks, a competition that has strict requirements and is judged by an even stricter panel. OSI was a recipient of this award in 2013 and 2015, a sign that the organization is keen in maintaining its environmental policies.

The Onset of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions began as a small butcher shop in Chicago owned by a German immigrant Otto Kolchowsky in 1909. It managed to hold its own during the war, and after the war, it flourished due to the economic vacuum that existed. It expanded to the wholesale business and rebranded to Otto & Sons when Kolchowsky’s sons joined the company. Arthur and Harry Kolchowsky got into a non-official partnership with Ray Kroc of McDonalds. This union facilitated the expansion of Otto & Sons thanks to the growth of McDonald restaurants across the country. The company then decided to define its objectives by transiitoning to OSI Industries as it became a national food supplier for McDonalds and also local restaurants and markets within the Chicago area. It also turned its executive tier in 1975, as the Kolchowskys neared retirement by hiring Sheldon Lavin who has propelled the company to international operations.

Company Growth and Expansion

Recently, OSI Food Solutions doubled its chicken production through a 20 million-dollar investment in renovations in Spain. Earlier, it acquired a facility owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago not too far from one of its pre-existing facility. In the same year, it also purchased majority shares in Baho Foods, a Dutch meat processing company. Baho Foods operates in both Netherlands and Germany and has a market that consists of about 18 European countries. This acquisition has increased the reach of OSI across Europe. What is more, through joint ventures, OSI broke into Taiwan and Philippines market in 1987 and 1990 respectively. Eventually, it also established a facility in China.

The Outline

While no one can speak of the future with utmost confidence, it is possible to say that OSI Food Solutions will take over the world if it continues with its positive trend. Its portfolio guarantees it another century of growth and expansion.

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