Excellent work rarely goes unnoticed, as USHealth CEO Troy McQuagge can attest, having been named as the most recent winner of the esteemed One PlanetSM Awards. Troy was rewarded as a Gold Winner in the CEO of the Year category. The awards are organized annually by One Planet, feature the outstanding performers in different classes in the corporate world. Nominees are sourced from virtually all types of organizations, including non-profits and start-ups.

Troy McQuagge  joined USHealth in 2010, where he took it upon himself to revamp the company’s distribution network. His strategies went according to plan, bringing huge success to the firm. This prosperity, among other factors, made Troy the frontrunner for the company’s presidency in 2014. He eventually landed the job. With McQuagge at the helm, the company has become a dominant force in the flooded personal health insurance market.

According to Troy, the accolade was a testament to his company’s commitment to evolving their services to keep with client needs while maintaining the costs pocket-friendly. He reiterated that if it were not for his colleagues’ hard work he would not have been acknowledged as the winner. To this effect, he dedicated the prize to the USHealth fraternity.

The One Planet Awards acknowledge the excellent performers in different fields of work. Every year, the organizers nominate several candidates from various categories, who are then voted for by their peers to identify winners. The actual accolades are presented at an annual social event funded by One Planet.

Troy McQuagge Background

Troy has had an illustrious career in the insurances provision sector. He has worked for several prominent firms, holding an array of positions. His first job was at Allstate Insurance Company. However, his breakthrough came while he was working at UCA, a subsidiary of United Insurance Companies. Under his tenure, several sales recorded were broken. This exemplary performance saw him retain his job even after the ownership changed. He further enhanced his reputation by steering UCA until their revenues amassed to a worth of $1 billion.

McQuagge graduated with a BA from the University of Central Florida. His strategic nous has played a significant part in enhancing his career in the insurance sector.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/troy.mcquagge

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