For a long time, doctors, researchers and the general public have been looking for a reliable medical journal where they can source as well as share knowledge. As a result, many medical journals have been formed to facilitate publishing of important medical information. Oncotarget is one of the journals that has been on the frontline in the publishing of papers in oncology and many other medical related information such as aging, pathology, microbiology and immunology.

Oncotarget has accelerated the dissemination of highly essential scientific information. The journal works closely with researchers and PubMed to get the original papers released so as to publish them immediately after their release. This has been important as many physicians are working hard to get information that can help reduce the suffering that comes with diseases. The medical journal has been helpful to the public as many individuals can read the newly released information on health and medical industry. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

Oncotarget follows ethical guidance strictly so as to avoid problems. They make sure all the papers are original and helpful to the medical industry as a whole. They follow all the rules and regulations that guide publishing and this has made the journal grow significantly. Recently Oncotarget announced that it will be publishing two issues per week and this is a great move as more information will be available weekly. It has become the number one medical journal to submit entire issues days after online publication to PubMed.

This medical journal has been working hard to achieve its goals. Since 2010, they have published 324 issues in just seven volumes. Currently, they are in the eighth volume and they are promising their clients that things will be smoother than before. They have employed highly trained editorial staff who ensure that the journal is delivering best and reliable information that benefit the medical industry. Learn more at

Oncotarget focuses on the impact of new therapeutic agents and management programs on patients’ perspective. This includes the quality of life, satisfaction and adherence. The medical journal also explores to find out the evidence behind existing and new therapies. The journal is led by high profile scientists and it aims to see a life without disease by giving researchers a platform to contribute to the progress of science.


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