The world of business can be highly intimidating and confusing even for those who are prepared and know it well. Starting a business is a dream that many people but they’re not sure where to begin the process. This is why looking to someone else can be highly useful in life. Looking to someone like Nathaniel Ru can offer real life examples of someone who has moved past such troubles and established a highly successful business of their own. Ru, a graduate of Georgetown University, talks about his own success in the business world to his fellow students at the university in a recent article. In the article, he talks about the challenges that he and his fellow business owners have faced in starting Sweetgreen, their restaurant chain, and how they have moved past such challenges to become one of the nation’s fast growing and most adored spaces. Their concepts have spread and have been a space where people can go for a great meal.


Loving Eating Well

Ru loves to eat well. He aims to get as many good foods in his own diets as possible. With his help, people have been able to get access to the same kind of great food that he enjoys. He knows that it is imperative for him to show others how they can also find the right kind of foods to eat. To that end, he has done things like go into local school districts and talk about how they can eat healthy in their lives. When he is there, he knows that he is helping children learn why they should eat items like salads that are better for them than other options they might be tempted to eat.


Working Hard

Since his graduation from college, he has been heavily involved in the creation of Sweetgreen. This fast casual place is an indication of his own values where he aims to help show others how they can get salads that are made from ingredients that have been harvested locally using the freshest and most up to date green technologies. When he comes to schools to talk, he wants the kids there to walk away from his talks with a sense of enormous enthusiasm about greenery and how vegetables can be tasty as well as nutritious. This helps everyone eat better with the help of Sweetgreen and his own world concept of eating.

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