Mike Baur is the co-owner of Switzerland’s sufficient business accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory, which gives the power back to the people. Over twenty years in Switzerland’s banking industry, Baur experienced the obstacles that entrepreneurs face while helping them with investment counseling and portfolio management. Through his interactions with the most prominent entrepreneurs of Switzerland, he was able to portrude through his obstacles with a humanistic approach.


The purpose of the “startup accelerator” was to assist aspiring individuals to succeed in the business industry. The startup accelerator consisted of numbers and sales figures, built on the foundation of a highly motivated team. Throughout this experience, Baur was stated having learned two things. First that the success of the entrepreneurial clients depended on the leadership teams more than the business model. Secondly, a clients motivation is relative to their success. A clients strength of character will get them through tough times in their business.


Forgoing their own salaries, Baur and co-owners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer privately funded their accelerator for the first two years of business. By becoming a self-funded entity, they were able to avoid the many intrusions that accompany corporate funding. In almost a trickle-down effect all the way down to the client.


In every startup company, there is an exchange of information, market analysis, community connections, references, financial counseling and business leadership. The Swiss Startup Factory is different. The difference is Mike Baur and his professional experience in the realms of banking and entrepreneurship.


As business flourished, so did the number of applications to his entrepreneurship mentoring program. In response, he restricted the number of applicants being accepted. He changed the way he did business from a generalized protocol for all business plans to a more specialized and interactive approach. Mike Baur and his company create tailored avenues of success for their clients. An intimate roadmap with features such as ROI measures and profit building. Baur builds lasting relationships with his clients as his business continues to grow.


Founders Baur, Meister and Waltzer have emotionally invested themselves at the Swiss Startup Factory. By self-funding their business in its first two years, they understand what their clients are going through when interacting with them.

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