In the past, women’s health issues were largely neglected by the medical world. Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Marc Beer are hoping to change that by creating companies focused on treating certain disorders that affect women around the world. The latest company from Marc Beer, Renovia Inc. is dedicated to helping the 250 million women who suffer from the symptoms that are associated with pelvic floor disorders.


Many women are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about the symptoms they are experiencing with pelvic floor disorder. Some of these can include issues with bowel movements and issues urinating. Fortunately, the products being developed and tested by Marc Beer’s Renovia can not only change the way the disorder is treated but also how it is diagnosed.


Renovia has already had one product approved by the FDA and put on the market. The Leva device helps patients strengthen the muscles involved with pelvic floor disorder to lessen the symptoms and regain functionality. Leva was approved in the Spring of 2018 and Renovia is developing even more features and improvements for future generations of the device.


During the last round of fundraising, Marc Beer and Renovia managed to raise $32 million for the company as well as venture debt in the amount of $10 million. There are many plans in the works for this money including 4 new products from Renovia as well as an improved Leva device. Thile Leva treats the disorder, some of the other products will aid with the diagnosis of the problem.


Marc Beer has had upwards of 25 years in the industry and is looking forward to the potential of these new products. He hopes to be able to help the millions of women around the world who suffer every day. The investors into Marc Beer’s company share the same goals and vision as Renovia. They all hope to improve the lives and medical outcome of the women affected by pelvic floor disorder.


The sensor technology used in the Leva device is a proprietary technology to Renovia. With this technology, Marc Beer is hoping that more will be able to be understood about the disorder in order to come up with new and better ways to treat it. They are also dedicated to keeping patients up to date with the latest news and information about pelvic floor disorder. This will be done through a digital platform designed with the patients in mind. Eventually, Marc Beer hopes that pelvic floor disorder treatment will be lowered because of the efforts he is participating in women’s health. Learn more :

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