Louis Chenevert is a great Canadian businessman who has laid a lot of impact in the business world. He is the former chief executive officer and chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He became its chief executive officer and president in 2008 and the chairman in 2010. In 2006, Louis was the chief operating officer and president as well as the director of the company. Before then, Louis Chenevert served at Pratt & Whitney as the president from 1999 to 2006. Louis had spent around 14 years working at General Motors. He was the production general manager.

Louis Chenevert became part of Goldman Sachs in 2015 up to 2017. He is a committed member of the Business Council in the firm and a former member of the chief executive officers forum for USA-India. Louis owns a degree for a bachelor of commerce in production management. He earned an honorary doctorate in 2011 from the University of Montreal. Louis gladly serves as the chairman of the International Advisory Board at HEC Montreal as well as the chairman and founding director of Friends of HEC board of directors.


Louis narrates the journey towards becoming a renowned chief executive officer at United Technologies. He says that most of the ideas came from the small strategic teams and main executives who possessed great knowledge and understanding of the needs of the customers as well as the person to serve and deliver the best quality products. Louis actualizes his ideas through targeting the engineering and operational talent necessary for delivery of best ideas. He is passionate about the production of perfect results that go beyond the expectations of their clients as well as bringing good revenue to the firm for best services. Louis is candid to share that his big-time success is contributed by his commitment to operational leadership group and small teams. He believes that these are the perfect tools towards success. He ensures that they have the appropriate equipment and resources to fulfill the roles of producing excellent products. Louis is also keen to do necessary reviews in ensuring that the right objectives are met within the firm for the best products and services to customers.



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