The devastation that Hurricane Harvey created on the Texas coast needed all hands-on its clean-up and reconstruction efforts. Logan Stout and his company IDLife, LLC stepped up to the challenge. Mr. Stout shut down his Frisco, Texas company for a day to use one of Logan Stout’s warehouses to serve as a storage location to stack about 35,000 pounds of products to bring to the Houston area.

Logan enlisted other companies in this effort like Jonathan Caldwell the owner of Black Tie Moving to load trucks filled with supplies, including boats for residents and first responders. Other business owners to help included Gundy Gunderson an audio-visual owner whose business was stranded in Dallas and David Wilks of Camden, South Carolina.

Logan Stout is the CEO who founded IDLife, LLC which is a health and wellness company that customizes nutritional and dietary supplements. Mr. Stout wanted to personalize his products to individuals for a quicker, more effective weight loss results.

All a person needs to do is to sign up on the IDLife website and fill out a succinct and confidential questionnaire about their health and fitness goals. Taking their answers, IDLife designs products that address their specific issues. IDLife has been recognized as one of the ‘100 Solid Top MLM Companies’ in the world.

Logan Stout was born in Richardson, Texas and attended the University of Dallas and Panola where he earned a business degree, a Psychology degree, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Mr. Stout is a well respected entrepreneur and businessman who has founded a baseball academy for kids.

Baseball was a passion of his growing up, plus he played the sport in college, he was a member of a minor league team, and he has coached local teams. He has authored a book called ‘Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams.’

His book encourages readers to live out their passions in life, thus thrusting them into their full potential. He is also a successful motivational speaker, traveling around the world touting his book and its principles to help people meet their goals.

He has also been a prominent cover figure on top business magazines and has been featured in business training videos and is a popular radio interview personality.

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