Lawrence Bender is a movie producer from the US. He was born in 1957 on 20th of October. His father was a university professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. He joined Cherry Hill High School East. When he was in high school, his grandfather was his chief inspiration.

Lawrence Bender joined The University of Maine where he pursued a degree in civil engineering. He followed his grandfather’s footsteps to become a civil engineer. After graduating Lawrence Bender became a dancer. He danced in different shows. However, his dancing career was short-lived after he sustained an injury that made him quit. Currently, Lawrence Bender is a worldwide renowned and celebrated movie producer. He has produced several films aired on our television screens. Some of the movies that he has produced include, Goodwill hunting, Safe, Pulp fiction, Innocent voices among many others.

With an experience of over 20 years, Lawrence Bender was the chief producer of the movie ’Dirty dancing: Havana nights’. The movie was filmed and produced in the summer of November 1958. An American teenage girl by the name Katy Miller, together with her parents and younger sister relocates to Havana. Katey’s dad is an executive at a Ford Expatriated company in Cuba. On the other hand, Katey is a teenager that misses her friends and her past life in the United States. The family books and lodges rooms in a grand hotel. In the same hotel, Katey meets a local teenager who happens to be a waiter. The waiter is known as Javier Suarez. Later Katy sees Javier dancing on the streets, where the public converges to see artists dance.

The two teenagers become good friends. To spoil the party, Javier gets fired from the hotel. The reason why he was because her acquaintances had spied on them. At this juncture, Katy starts to develop a strong bond with Javier. She invites Suarez to dance in a Latin contest to assist him to earn some cash for his upkeep since he never had a job. The two secretly meet in a nightclub for their dance rehearsals. Afterwards, the two teenagers fall deeply in love with each other.

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