In early April of this year, Kim Dao, her friends Sunnydahye, and Okanotv met up with a guy named Chris Okano for a day at the Japanese Hotsprings. They stopped off for something to eat at a dive bar in a food court. Kim Dao packed an overnight bag, including her lap top, a heat pad, her charger, and a makeup bag.  Kim Dao planned to get some Udon boiled egg, and green onions. Outside the building was a giant robot that Kim Dao told us might be removed. There was Rainbow Bridge and a statue in the park that looked a lot like our Statue of Liberty. Along the street, people rode in Mario Karts. The makers of the video game character Mario, Nintendo, had started a law suit because the people who ran the karts were using the Mario name without permission. You need a valid driver’s license and a group to use the kart. If you come alone, you are out of luck.


Kim Dao and friends took the train to the Onsen. When they got there, the friends rented lockers for their shoes and clothes. They wore long cotton work shirts. Kim Dao was a little embarrassed that her blue and yellow spotted shirt was like Chris’ shirt even though she had some stripes on hers. They went to the outdoor spa that looked a little lake with rocks in it. The friends soaked their feet in the stream before heading for the inner Onset.





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