Jason Hope is one of the biggest supporters of anti-aging research campaign. He started supporting these initiatives in 2010. He has been a financier of a group called SENS Research Foundation. This is a group that comprises of the best medical experts who are trying to come up with a drug that will solve all the problems associated with aging in human beings. SENS want to alleviate human suffering during old age by slowing down or stopping the process of aging. The human body will remain forever strong as long as they are consuming these drugs. The role of SENS research should not, however, be misconstrued to as efforts to extended human life. If that happens, then it is never their intention. All they want is to have a solution to diseases which face humanity.

Jason Hope has so far given over $1 million to the research groups. He started by giving out $500,000 to the group to construct a laboratory in Cambridge, England. Jason Hope loves everything that is related to technological innovations. He is excited that there is so much happening in the technological world that will save humanity in numerous ways. The anti-aging research is being carried out through what is called rejuvenation biotechnologies. It is a technology which hopes to keep the human body strong even as their get old. Jason Hope involvement in technological innovations has received commendation from many Americans. He is followed by many people who would like to know about the next technological trend to hit the market.

Jason Hope has mastered the art so well that he can tell what is next in the technological world. He has already given props to the internet of things to be the next big thing in technology. Already Jason Hope has shown he is serious about this innovation. He has published an eBook on the internet of things. In the book, he has addressed all the factors that relate to the benefits and risks of the internet of things.

SENS Group is trying to tap their idea of the small animals which do not have symptoms of aging. Such animals include hydras and tortoise. The probability of death for these animals do not increase with age. This is the opposite of human beings. The more one gets older, the higher the chances of dying the body cells lose the energy to perform metabolic processes as one gets older. The body becomes vulnerable to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s diseases.

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