Sheldon Lavin is the president of OSI International Food Ltd and the chairman and the CEO of OSI Group, a privately held meat processing company that serves the food service and retail industry. Sheldon career in the meat industry began in 1970 when he made financing arrangement for Otto & Sons, which is the predecessor of OSI Industries. After showing his interest in funding the organization, the bank asked him to take an ownership position at the firm. Although he didn’t buy the idea at first, he later joined the firm on condition that he could have the same support as other members of the firm. This was after the experienced investor had invested heavily in the banking sector and establishing own financial advisory and consulting company.

At the time he joined OSI Group, it was a small McDonald’s centric burger supplier. Today, the firm is a global leader in the supply of meat products. Five years into his investment at Otto & Sons Company, his knowledge, and skills in investment became evident, and as a result, McDonald’s asked him to join the company on full-time terms. At this time, he was already thinking of selling the company’s name overseas. McDonald’s wanted to utilize his unparalleled entrepreneurial and investment skills to reach a huge consumer base.

Sheldon Lavin ideas helped Otto & Sons Company grow fast reaching several regions in North America and Europe in the 1970s. In the 1980s the firm expanded to Taiwan and South America. In the 80s, one of the original partners sold his shares, leaving Sheldon with half of the controlling rights in the company. A few years later, the remaining initial investor retired, and Sheldon gained 100 percent control of the company. When he owned a majority of the shares in the business, Sheldon says that he decided that there was no need for him to stay if he cannot grow the firm further. In that concern, he committed energy to the company.

After taking full control of the company, the accounting and finance graduate expanded the company to China, Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Australia, and India. Today, OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees globally, and it operates 55 facilities in 16 countries. Recently, the shrewd investor led the company to acquire controlling stake in Baho Food, a privately held Dutch company specializing in the processing of meat products.


Sheldon Lavin is actively involved in several philanthropic activities. He is an active funder to charitable organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald Charities, and Evans Scholarship Fund among many others.


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