In the early 1970s, OSI Group was a small company, previously known as Otto & Sons Ltd. The Company’s major customer was the McDonald’s where they were tasked with supplying high quality and consistent meat products to the McDonald’s chain of restaurants. Luckily enough, the company had found a breakthrough when the cryogenic food processing technique was invented in the late 1970s. The new processing technique, which involved freezing food products using liquid nitrogen created new opportunities for the expansion of OSI Group.

Welcoming of Sheldon Lavin

with the ambition to venture into the foreign market, the sons of Otto approached Sheldon to secure financing for their company. Together, they developed a business plan that would enable OSI to grow internationally. As a result, Sheldon Lavin became the new chairman and the CEO of OSI Group. His immense experience in the finance sector proved crucial for the company.

Sheldon Lavin secured enough resources for the company, and he was now ready to take OSI into a high-growth phase. The new growth phase did not only focus on the McDonalds chain of restaurants, but also into other sectors of the vast food industry.

The transition that Sheldon Lavin initiated when he joined OSI has contributed to the company’s growth to this day. The expansion has transformed OSI into one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Earlier this year Forbes listed OSI among the top one hundred largest private companies in the country. The company had hit the $6.1 billion mark in sales for the year 2017.

OSI Group’s Current standing

Currently, OSI Group stands as one of the most important players in the global food industry. OSI Company has set the pace for other food companies by providing superior quality products to their customers throughout the world. OSI has also been the pioneer for various technologies that are currently used in the food industry.

OSI continues to expand to new countries to ensure that they reach every corner of the globe in the future. The company has already dominated the Chinese food industry. OSI is also doing a commendable job in Europe with a series of acquisitions such as Creative Foods, Flagship Europe and Baho Foods.

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