The last century has seen OSI Group leap from one successful tide to another with a few downturns that its management quickly turned into life lessons. Having started off as a family owned corner butcher shop in downtown Chicago, the company has overcome numerous odds to become a global leader in meat distribution. Probed about the success of the brand, industry observers can only tie this success to the level of innovativeness the company adopted in all levels of operation. And it includes:

Adoption of newer technologies

OSI Group’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction saw the demand for its products outstrip their production. Preliminary investigations into the cause of the issue pointed out to the continued use of redundant production technologies as the cause of the supply shortages. In reaction to this, the company invested heavily in state of the art technologies thus revolutionizing every aspect of their operations from factory processes to distribution.

Incorporation of dynamic business strategies

After operating in the meat processing and distribution industry for over seven decades and being one of the oldest industry players, OI Group sought to establish a global foothold. Initially, the company would develop new facilities in different countries, from the ground up. However, this expansionary strategy proved prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

At this point, innovativeness kicked in and opened the management up to the idea of acquiring existing meat processing firms in these countries. The company has since acquired several successful brands like Turi and Baho foods. Today the company is present in over 17 countries where more than 20,000 employees run their 65 facilities therein.

Visionary leadership

The change of leadership and inclusion of more visionary leaders such as OSI Group CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald also played a significant role in its ultimate success. These leader’s experience and influence in the food industry has helped improve the company’s grip on the global market through the institution of numerous marketing strategies that help make the brand a global household name.

Bottom line

The innovative strategies adopted by OSI Group in all its fields of operation including management and technology played a significant role in the sustainability of the brand. They have also ensured that the brand continues to dominate the market, a century after its establishment.

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