If you firm require some help in investment, it would be best to seek the services from an experienced investment company. Such a professional company is Fortress Investment Group. It is a management company that has diversified its investments and has interest in liquid hedge funds, alternative assets, private equity and credit funds. It was founded and established in 1998 by its five founding members who all had significant experience in the financial sector. They serve both institutional and private clients globally. Their global reach has allowed them to serve their clients better and become more reliable in supporting overseas interests.There are some factors that make Fortress Investment Group an industry leader and these are enshrined in its core competencies. If your company is interested in a merger or acquisition of another company, then you’ll need some valuation before you complete the deal. The professional team from Fortress Investment Group are experts in such task. They possess multiple years of experience conducting the same services for other companies that were highly successful. They mainly use their asset-based approach for valuation in mergers and acquisition.

The main approach here is to figure out the Net Asset Value of your firm.Such data is necessary to apportion the correct value in the acquisition process. Industry knowledge is another important value that Fortress Investment Management Group offers the industry. Considering the investment experts have successfully completed a lot of business, they can give their customers the right analysis based on the market data that they have accumulated over the years. You will be glad to note that Fortress Investment Group’s business operations have had a long period to mature and develop hence their core-competencies have a hard foundation.Among the core business functions of Fortress Investment Group is offering credit. According to crunchbase.com, some recent developments on the deal between the investment group and Theranos, Fortress Investment Group could end up owning the company if the deal goes sour.

In 2010, they were one of the main contributors in the building of the athlete’s village for the winter Olympics. They were the main providers of credit towards the completion of the facility. Several publications have mentioned Fortress Investment Group as a great investment firm and a market leader. This generated great focus on the firm by various large corporations for acquisition. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is owned by a Japanese firm, Softbank Group Corp that turned it into a private equity company. Most of the negotiations happened in late 2017 until actual transfer of ownership. This led to a delisting from the stock exchange market and into a private firm. The acquisition brought a new era into the business operations of the globally-operated company. Although the acquisition was completed by a foreign firm, the headquarters still remain in New York and still run their operations independently. The business deal focused on maintaining the central business model of the company, its established brand and the employee culture.

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