Arthur Becker is the Managing Partner at one of New York City’s most prestigious and successful real estate development companies, Madison Partners. Madison Partners was established in 2011 as an outlet for Becker to expand his business portfolio into the busy, difficult, and profitable world of real estate. Madison Partners has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to successful work in the Soho and Tribeca neighborhoods. Now, Becker is willing to sit down and open up about what has made him tech of the past several years.

The largest aspect of success in Becker’s point of view will come down to the people that you surround yourself. While some entrepreneurs believe in the ability to go it alone, Becker knows more than ever that you need to surround yourself with the best people available. Becker says, “Organizing and coordinating the work of experts and other talent is when I am most effective.” Knowing your strengths is important and knowing your weakness is just as integral. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

According to Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker is a man of many different passions and areas of expertise. He followed his career path through the financial sector by working as a stockbroker for Bear Stearns. Success selling tech companies led Becker to pursue real estate. Still, Becker hasn’t forgotten about who he is but he has learned to hone in on what is important. Becker says that his biggest, most productive, strength is his ability to balance his heart and his head to make sure he is working in a focused manner.

If you had to take one thing away from Arthur Becker it would probably be his determination. Becker knows that he has failed on several of his business ideas but he has chosen never to let it define him. Becker goes on to explain that great team chemistry has turned into the big turning point in the companies that have succeeded versus the companies that have failed.

In a report by Curbed, Arthur Becker is a man of many professions. He has invested in everything from Macadamia Nuts to his own origami sculptures. Now, Becker is focused on dominating the real estate market and who are we to doubt his success?

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