If you didn’t know, Herbalife is a well-known company whose nutrition products are used all over the world. They have a global reach and a firm goal of making us more healthier and, possibly, a lot happier in our lives. They have recently introduced their new coffee drink destined to give you that protein you need. The Mocha High Protein Ice Coffee is a very low fat, calorie, sugar type of beverage that packs a punch regarding tastes. For those counting calories, this drink mix only has 100. You also will not find any artificial flavoring or extra colors.


It gives you a great protein kick with 15 grams and only 80 mg of caffeine for each drink experience. This drink can be enjoyed by many who are in the process of changing their lives with weight loss or striving to be healthier. Herbalife’s new coffee beverage is offering an alternative to what we all are so used to having. The Mocha High Protein Ice Coffee is certainly refreshing and offers consumers another choice when indulging in the coffee industry. Ibi Montesino who serves as the managing director and senior vice president, for Herbalife, states that the company understands that consumers want less sugar when enjoying their morning or daily coffee. He is very excited about jolting the coffee industry with this new entry into the market.

Mintel reveals that the sales for coffee soared 10 percent during four years from 2013 to 2017. Herbalife conducted a breakfast survey also to discover that within the 8,000 people that participated, 60 percent do enjoy a good cup of joe on a regular basis. Last year, the survey unveiled that more than half of youthful coffee drinkers love ice coffee beverages and have consumed them in the last three months. This calculation has jumped 46 percent since 2017. Herbalife’s High Protein Coffee will have additional flavors as well. Consumers can expect to enjoy 25 grams in each drink along with these basic features:


15 grams of protein

100 calories

2 grams of sugar

80 mg of caffeine

Low Fat

No artificial flavors or added colors


Herbalife has remained on its mission to not only make people happier but keep with their nutrition goals. They maintain their success when it comes to offering products that change lives. Herbalife continues to grow strong since it’s inception in 1980.






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