Behind every good man is a good woman is something I’ve always heard. I never really believed but there may actually be some validity to this statement. If there was no woman there would be no man so essentially it is a woman who makes things possible. I think this partially explains why I am so dedicated to the movement of women. I get it. I get that we are powerful beyond measure as and I also get that we have insurmountable power if we would all just come together and unite as women. I learned that from my mom. Always study great women and always surround yourself around them. I think this method worked well for her and so she taught me.

One woman that I have grown extremely fond of through my research has been Helane Morrison. MorrisonĀ is a business extraordinaire who continues to impact the world. She has a degree in both journalism and law which has made her an even larger powerhouse in her industry. She takes pride in only accepting diverse opportunities and currently works for an all female agency while continuing to support women’s empowerment.

Helane Morrison unlike other women have no problem acknowledging that she deserves better opportunities. She works hard and passionately to uplift women and their communities.

I salute Helane because many women in my industry often take a backseat to men but she continues to show the world that if men can do it chances are women can do it much better.